Instructional Design Graduate Certificate

In 2021, I obtained a Graduate-Level Certificate in Instructional Design through the University of Central Florida. Click here to learn more about the courses contained in this program!

This certificate enables learners to master the basics of instructional design for the purpose of developing, implementing, and facilitating training and professional development within multiple fields of work.

I have successfully completed the following courses:

Systematic Design of Instruction 8th Edition Textbook Photo

EME 6613: Instructional System Design

Fall 2020

Dr. Atusi Hirumi

In this course, I learned about the systematic process of instructional design. The bulk of the coursework was team-driven, and I worked with a group to create storyboards, flowcharts, and an instructional treatment plan for an original unit of study.

This course is a prerequisite for the remainder of the learning path.

EME 6507: Multimedia for Education and Training

Fall 2020

Dr. Lori Campbell

This course teaches the fundamentals of using technology and multimedia within the world of training and development. In this course, I created an online portfolio as well as several different types of multimedia content. I utilized programs such as Articulate Rise 360, Adobe Photoshop, and WordPress.

Fundamentals of Performance Tech Textbook

EME 6607: Planned Change in Instructional Technology

Fall 2020

Dr. Charles Rawls

This course teaches the use of best practices to implement change to instruction.

The majority of this course was a group-effort. In this course I was part of a team which conducted a Needs Analysis (NA) for a local business in Central Florida.

EME 6626: Instructional Development and Evaluation

Spring 2021

Dr. David Tao

This course expands on the work done in EME 6613. This course takes an extended look at the design and evaluation of materials created in EME 6613.

In this course, I am part of a design team which is focused on taking storyboards and flowcharts from work we completed in EME 6613, and turning them into a working prototype.

Multimedia Learning Text Book Image

EME 6705: Administration of Instructional Systems

Spring 2021

Dr. Denise Stevens

This course takes a deep dive into project management and the business side of instructional systems. 

In this course, I was part of a team that developed a company profile and created a proposal for winning an instructional design contract.